Detailed description of the VRVN 1-220

Multipurpose headpiece with a handle

Multipurpose headpiece with a handle has three active parts. Three sided barb used mainly for smashing a hole in sheet metal in order to secure an opening for the later use of the opener for further cutting of the sheet metal, smashing through glass, or for sticking the tool into a material in order to create an anchor. There is a cutting edge in the arc underneath the drift for cutting canvas or other textiles or plastic materials. The chopping part with a blade is used for chopping off of materials, cables, wires and reinforcements. It may be used as an anchor in case of a deep cut. There are individual wedge shaped teeth on the sides used for lever opening. A barb placed in the direction of the handle is separated from it by half opened wedge shaped groove which thins out in about 25 millimeters (approximately 1/10 of an inch) with the possibility of attaching circular profiles having the maximum diamater of 15 millimeters (approximately 1/17 of an inch). On the front side of the headpiece, opposite the handle there is a curved barb suitable for lifting, pushing away or lever opening of heavy objects. Rough grooves line the arc between the two barbs, perpendicularly to the wedge shaped teeth. The grooves serve to prevent the slipping of the headpiece on the
material on which it is resting. There are two openings going through the headpiece perpendicularly to each other. These are used to hold the lever from the second part of the tool. Thus, the maximum force which may be extended through levering may be doubled. The handle which is fixed in the headpiece is covered with shock absorbing matrials. The lever with the opener is fixed in the handle. The opener safety is made up of spring loaded turnable pin. The angle of the safety switch is 90 degrees. Both sides of the switch are arrested in the opening made in the cast to prevent spontaneous release of the switch.


Mutlipurpose cutting and chopping tool – the opener with a lever.

In the basic tool set up, the lever of the opener is pushed in the handle. This position is arrested via the safety switch/pin. This assembled position of the tool is used when attaching the tool to the carrying belt. Both the tool and the belt are attached to the assembly suspender and supplied to the customer as such. The opener with the lever make up the second functional part of the tool used for chopping off of bolts, rivets, boltheads, door and window hinges, etc. The chopping off is carried out in the following manner: release the lever safety by turning it 90 degrees and use the headpiece with the handle as a stamper. In this case, the tool is not divided into two separate parts. On the opener, there is also an elongated edge with sharp teeth against it. This prevents the opener from slipping during the cutting of materials. In order to place the opener, first smash a hole through the material with the three sided barb or the blade. Next, place the cutting edge in the opening. By alternating between turning and sliding the tool, you will achieve the cutting/separating effect. The opening in the cast on the side of the opener serves to secure the cable, wire, etc. in order to cut these easily on the flat surface of the opener.


WARNING: The parts of the tool are NOT insulated against electricity and thus are NOT non-conductive. Therefore, the tool MUST NOT be used for separating cables/materials which have electricity running through them!



The belt is used for carrying/ hanging the tool. It is made up of a silicon textile 45 millimeters wide (approximately 1/6 of an inch) and 2.2 millimeters thick (approximately 1/115 of an inch). On the belt there is a binding with a flap. When the tool is in the „transport“ position, the active parts are covered. There is a half fastener and a safety spring hook sewn into the belt.



Assembly suspender makes up an integral part of the delivered product. Its purpose is to secure the tool including the belt at a suitable place – at the maintenance area in stationary case or inside the vehical in mobile settings. The universal costruction of the suspender allows for arbitrary mounting position. For securing the suspender, use three self tapping screws 5x10 (millimeters). Both the tool and the belt are fixed in the suspender via textile strap and a fastener.


Tool security features

Besides the universality of the tool, the security of the individual working with the tool was also considered during the design process. There is a large rim on the opener in the direction of the lever, preventing any injury to the hands. The barbs on multipurpose headpiece feature a security rim. The safety switch/pin ensures the tool stays compact and prevents arbitrary siding out of the opener out of the handle thus protecting the worker from injury do to a fall of the tool’s part. The tool handle features a plastic coating which absorbs shocks. The tool is made of high quality steel. This ensures the tool will not shatter while remaining strong and sharp for a long time. For more details, se the tool manual.



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VRVN 1-220

Pro hasiče
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Ideální vybavení členů hasičských jednotek.


VRVN 1-220

Pro záchranáře
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Dobrá skladnost v záchranářských vozech.


VRVN 1-220

Pro armádu
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Ideální doplňková výbava pro vyprošťování.