Narimex Praha s.r.o. has a long term relationship with THT s.r.o. POLICKA, the leading maker of mobile firefighting equipment, firefighting gear and automobiles suitable for dealing with technical and ecological disasters. The trucks produced at THT s.r.o. POLICKA together with our equipment help to save lives around the world on a daily basis. More specifically, they are employed in the European Union countries, India, Middle East and South African Republic.

We also closely cooperate with the Firefighting Armory a.s. and its Slovak counterpart through which our tools are distributed directly to the firefighting units in each country. A similar working relationship exists on the level of cities and voluntary fire departments. 

Narimex Praha s.r.o. works closely with Fire & Safety Systems spol. s r.o., the seller of firefighting trucks and firefighting equipment for firefighters and rescue organizations.

Among others, our clients also include:

  • Požární Bezpečnost, s.r.o. Jihlava 
  • Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.
  • Sicar spol. s r.o.
  • Perspekta spol. s r.o.
  • Zahas s.r.o.
  • Slack s.r.o. Košice
  • Narimex spol. s r.o., Bratislava

On the Europen theater, our closest partner is the Rosenbauer company, world leading producer of fire trucks and the international supplier of firefighting equipment. The sales of the Rosenbauer comapny have reached EUR 370 million in 2006.

Narimex Praha s.r.o. also has a long term relationship with the polish firm Protekta, a distributor of firefighting and rescue equipment. In 2006 we have managed to secure a contract for 600 pieces of the VRVN 1-220 to Japan.

The list of our clients is far from complete. Our company exports its products into many more european and asian countries while still looking for opportunities to expand into new markets. 


Narimex Praha s.r.o.
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VRVN 1-220

Pro hasiče
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Ideální vybavení členů hasičských jednotek.


VRVN 1-220

Pro záchranáře
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Dobrá skladnost v záchranářských vozech.


VRVN 1-220

Pro armádu
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Ideální doplňková výbava pro vyprošťování.