Tool Manipulation




Carrying the tool in your hand

Slinging the tool over your shoulder

 Carrying the tool on your back

Taking the tool out of the carrying belt


Holding the tool correctly in your hands


Hanging the opener on your belt – work with the disassembled tool


Multipurpose manual rescue tool is made up of two separate parts. The following steps will help you to diassemble the tool into two separate parts:

  • hold the tool in you right hand so that the headpiece is facing the right side, the edge is at a level position facing away from your body. 
  • open the safety lock by switching it 90 degrees in the upward direction 
  • slide out the opener with the lever from the handle so that the colored mark on the lever is at the level position with the bottom part of the handle 
  • turn the opener 180 degrees along the lever‘s longitudinal axis away from yourself in clockwise direction. The precast opening on the outside of the opener is facing upward 
  • slide out the opener the remaining 80 millimeters (approximately 1/3 of an inch) in the direction of the longitudinal axis
    In order to assemble the tool, carry out the above steps in reverse order. 





Releasing the safety on the lever

Sliding out of the opener and turning it 180
degrees along the longitudinal axis
– the mark on the lever is level with the end of the handle

Sliding out of the lever from the handle


Disassmbled tool into two parts


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